Computer Vision – Part 1 (Selected Papers from ACCV 2014)

  1. Deep Representations to Model User ‘Likes’
  2. Submodular Reranking with Multiple Feature Modalities for Image Retrieval
  3. Accurate Scene Text Recognition Based on Recurrent Neural Network
  4. Massive City-Scale Surface Condition Analysis Using Ground and Aerial Imagery
  5. Can Visual Recognition Benefit from Auxiliary Information in Training?
  6. Low Rank Representation on Grassmann Manifolds
  7. Learning Detectors Quickly with Stationary Statistics
  8. Age Estimation Based on Complexity-Aware Features
  9. Efficient On-the-fly Category Retrieval Using ConvNets and GPUs
  10. A Latent Clothing Attribute Approach for Human Pose Estimation
  11. NOKMeans: Non-Orthogonal K-means Hashing
  12. Visual Vocabulary with a Semantic Twist
  13. Context Based Re-rankngfor Object Retrieval .
  14. Adaptive Structural Model for Video Based Pedestrian Detection
  15. Fusion of Auxiliary Imaging Information for Robust, Scalable and Fast 3D Reconstruction
  16. What Visual Attributes Characterize an Object Class?
  17. Accurate Object Detection with Location Relaxation and Regionlets Re-localization
  18. Unsupervised Feature Learning for RGB-D Image Classification
  19. Non-maximum Suppression for Object Detection by Passing Messages Between Windows
  20. Stable Radial Distortion Calibration by Polynomial Matrix Inequalities Programming
  21. Pedestrian Verification for Multi-Camera Detection
  22. Color Photometric Stereo Using a Rainbow Light for Non-Lambertian Multicolored Surfaces
  23. Predicting the Location of “interactees” in Novel Human-Object Interactions
  24. Robust Stereo Matching Using Probabilistic Laplacian Surface Propagation
  25. Imposing Differential Constraints on Radial Distortion Correction
  26. Automatic Shoeprint Retrieval Algorithm for Real Crime Scenes
  27. Lane Detection in Unstructured Environments for Autonomous Navigation Systems
  28. Multiple Stage Residual Model for Accurate Image Classification
  29. Hybrid-Indexing Multi-type Features for Large-Scale Image Search
  30. Look Closely: Learning Exemplar Patches for Recognizing Textiles from Product Images
  31. Action Recognition from a Single Web Image Based on an Ensemble of Pose Experts
  32. Scene Text Recognition and Retrieval for Large Lexicons
  33. Planar Structures from Line Correspondences in a Manhattan World
  34. LBP with Six Intersection Points: Reducing Redundant Information in LBP-TOP for Micro-expression Recognition
  35. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient Pose Estimation in Gesture Videos
  36. Robust Edge Aware Descriptor for Image Matching
  37. Robust Binary Feature Using the Intensity Order
  38. Minimal Solution for Computing Pairs of Lines in Non-central Cameras
  39. Asymmetric Feature Representation for Object Recognition in Client Server System.
  40. Leveraging High Level Visual Information for Matching Images and Captions
  41. Efficient Feature Coding Based on Auto-encoder Network for Image Classification
  42. Learning a Representative and Discriminative Part Model with Deep
  43. Convolutional Features for Scene Recognition
  44. Image Representation Learning by Deep Appearance and Spatial Coding
  45. On the Exploration of Joint Attribute Learning for Person Re-identification
  46. Complementary Geometric and Optical Information for Match-Propagation-Based 3D Reconstruction
  47. Exploring Image Specific Structured Loss for Image Annotation with Incomplete Labelling
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