Computer Vision – Part 2 (Selected Papers from ACCV 2014)

  1. Multi-view Geometry Compression .
  2. Camera Calibration Based on the Common Self-polar Triangle of Sphere Images
  3. Multi-scale Tetrahedral Fusion of a Similarity Reconstruction and Noisy Positional Measurements
  4. DEPT: Depth Estimation by Parameter Transfer for Single Still Images
  5. Object Ranking on Deformable Part Models with Bagged LambdaMART
  6. Representation Learning with Smooth Autoencoder
  7. Single Image Smoke Detection
  8. Adaptive Sparse Coding for Painting Style Analysis
  9. Efficient Image Detail Mining
  10. Accuracy and Specificity Trade-off in k-nearest Neighbors Classification
  11. Multi-view Point Cloud Registration Using Affine Shape Distributions
  12. Part Detector Discovery in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  13. Performance Evaluation of 3D Local Feature Descriptors
  14. Scene Text Detection Based on Robust Stroke Width Transform and Deep Belief Network
  15. Cross-Modal Face Matching: Beyond Viewed Sketches
  16. 3D Aware Correction and Completion of Depth Maps in Piecewise Planar Scenes
  17. Regularity Guaranteed Human Pose Correction
  18. Accelerated Kmeans Clustering Using Binary Random Projection
  19. Divide and Conquer: Efficient Large-Scale Structure from Motion Using Graph Partitioning
  20. A Homography Formulation to the 3pt Plus a Common Direction Relative Pose Problem
  21. MoDeep: A Deep Learning Framework Using Motion Features for Human Pose Estimation
  22. Accelerating Cost Volume Filtering Using Salient Subvolumes and Robust Occlusion Handling
  23. 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Images with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
  24. Plant Leaf Identification via a Growing Convolution Neural Network with Progressive Sample Learning
  25. Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks in Terms of Category-Level Attributes
  26. Robust Scene Classification with Cross-Level LLC Coding on CNN Features
  27. A Graphical Model for Rapid Obstacle Image-Map Estimation from Unmanned Surface Vehicles
  28. On the Performance of Pose-Based RGB-D Visual Navigation Systems
  29. Elastic Shape Analysis of Boundaries of Planar Objects with Multiple Components and Arbitrary Topologies
  30. A Minimal Solution to Relative Pose with Unknown Focal Length and Radial Distortion
  31. Simultaneous Entire Shape Registration of Multiple Depth Images Using Depth Difference and Shape Silhouette
  32. Joint Camera Pose Estimation and 3D Human Pose Estimation in a Multi-camera Setup
  33. Singly-Bordered Block-Diagonal Form for Minimal Problem Solvers
  34. Stereo Fusion Using a Refractive Medium on a Binocular Base
  35. Saliency Detection via Nonlocal L0 Minimization
  36. N4-Fields: Neural Network Nearest Neighbor Fields for Image Transforms
  37. Super-Resolution Using Sub-Band Self-Similarity
  38. Raindrop Detection and Removal from Long Range Trajectories
  39. Interest Points via Maximal Self-Dissimilarities
  40. Improving Local Features by Dithering-Based Image Sampling
  41. Sparse Kernel Learning for Image Set Classification
  42. Automatic Feature Learning to Grade Nuclear Cataracts Based on Deep Learning
  43. Texture Classification Using Dense Micro-block Difference (DMD)
  44. Nuclear-L1 Norm Joint Regression for Face Reconstruction and
  45. Segmentation of X-ray Images by 3D-2D Registration Based on Multibody Physics
  46. View-Adaptive Metric Learning for Multi-view Person Re-identification
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