Computer Vision – Part 4 (Selected Papers from ACCV 2014)

  1.  Accelerating the Distribution Estimation for the Weighted Median/Mode Filters
  2. Saliency Aggregation: Does Unity Make Strength?
  3. Spontaneous Subtle Expression Recognition: Imbalanced Databases and Solutions
  4. EPML: Expanded Parts Based Metric Learning for Occlusion Robust Face Verification
  5. Pixel-Level Hand Detection with Shape-Aware Structured Forests
  6. Beyond Procedural Facade Parsing: Bidirectional Alignment via Linear Programming
  7. Mateusz Koziński, Guillaume Obozinski, and Renaud Marlet Shape Matching Using Point Context and Contour Segments
  8. A+: Adjusted Anchored Neighborhood Regression for Fast Super-Resolution
  9. Multiple Ocular Diseases Classification with Graph Regularized Probabilistic Multi-label Learning
  10. Deeply Learning Deformable Facial Action Parts Model for Dynamic Expression Analysis
  11. A Novel Context-Aware Topic Model for Category Discovery in Natural Scenes
  12. Robust Sharpness Metrics Using Reorganized DCT Coefficients for Auto-Focus Application
  13. DisLocation: Scalable Descriptor Distinctiveness for Location Recognition
  14. Discriminative Collaborative Representation for Classification
  15. Thread-Safe: Towards Recognizing Human Actions Across Shot Boundaries
  16. Consistent Foreground Co-segmentation
  17. On Multiple Image Group Cosegmentation
  18. Reconstructive Sparse Code Transfer for Contour Detection and Semantic Labeling
  19. A Message Passing Algorithm for MRF Inference with Unknown Graphs and Its Applications
  20. Joint Estimation of Pose and Face Landmark
  21. Probabilistic Subpixel Temporal Registration for Facial Expression Analysis
  22. Depth Recovery with Face Priors
  23. Inlier Estimation for Moving Camera Motion Segmentation
  24. Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Objects by Linear Motion and Repulsive Motion
  25. 6-DOF Model Based Tracking via Object Coordinate Regression
  26. Probabilistic State Space Decomposition for Human Motion Capture
  27. Spectral Graph Skeletons for 3D Action Recognition
  28. Robust Point Matching Using Mixture of Asymmetric Gaussians for Nonrigid Transformation
  29. Multiple Object Tracking by Efficient Graph Partitioning
  30. Fast Approximate Nearest-Neighbor Field by Cascaded Spherical Hashing
  31. Coupling Semi-supervised Learning and Example Selection for Online Object Tracking
  32. Reconstructing Shape and Appearance of Thin Film Objects with Hyper Spectral Sensor
  33. A Two-Stage Approach for Bag Detection in Pedestrian Images
  34. Recognizing Daily Activities from First-Person Videos with Multi-task Clustering
  35. Multi-view Recognition Using Weighted View Selection
  36. Graph Transduction Learning of Object Proposals for Video Forecasting Events Using an Augmented Hidden Conditional Random Field
  37. Camera Motion and Surrounding Scene Appearance as Context for Action Recognition
  38. Semi-Supervised Ranking for Re-identification with Few Labeled Image Pairs
  39. Robust Visual Tracking with Dual Group Structure
  40. 3D Reconstruction of Specular Objects with Occlusion: A Shape-from-Scattering Approach
  41. 2D or Not 2D: Bridging the Gap Between Tracking and Structure from Motion
  42. Clouds in the Cloud
  43. Fast Segmentation of Sparse 3D Point Trajectories Using Group Theoretical Invariants
  44. Superpixels for Video Content Using a Contour-Based EM Optimization
  45. Transformed Principal Gradient Orientation for Robust and Precise Batch Face Alignment
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