Journal of Imaging Volume 4 Issue 2, 2018

  1. Neutron Imaging at LANSCE—From Cold to Ultrafast
  2. HF_IDS_Cam: Fast Video Capture with ImageJ for Real-Time Analysis
  3. Benchmarking of Document Image Analysis Tasks for Palm Leaf Manuscripts from Southeast Asia
  4. Analytical Study of Colour Spaces for Plant Pixel Detection
  5. Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition Using Layer-Wise Training of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Adaptive Gradient Methods
  6. Event Centroiding Applied to Energy-Resolved Neutron Imaging at LANSCE
  7. A Study of Different Classifier Combination Approaches for Handwritten Indic Script Recognition
  8. Digital Image Correlation of Strains at Profiled Wood Surfaces Exposed to Wetting and Drying
  9. Efficient Query Specific DTW Distance for Document Retrieval with Unlimited Vocabulary
  10. An Overview of Deep Learning Based Methods for Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection in Videos
  11. Image Features Based on Characteristic Curves and Local Binary Patterns for Automated HER2 Scoring
  12. Denoising of X-ray Images Using the Adaptive Algorithm Based on the LPA-RICI Algorithm
  13. Partition and Inclusion Hierarchies of Images: A Comprehensive Survey
  14. Open Datasets and Tools for Arabic Text Detection and Recognition in News Video Frames
  15. An Investigation of Smooth TV-Like Regularization in the Context of the Optical Flow Problem
  16. Illusion and Illusoriness of Color and Coloration
  17. Estimating Full Regional Skeletal Muscle Fibre Orientation from B-Mode Ultrasound Images Using Convolutional, Residual, and Deconvolutional Neural Networks
  18. Exploiting Multiple Detections for Person Re-Identification
  19. A New Binarization Algorithm for Historical Documents
  20. Studies of Ancient Russian Cultural Objects Using the Neutron Tomography Method
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