ICDAR 2017

  1. Improving Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition by Iterative Refinement
  2. High Performance Text Recognition Using a Hybrid Convolutional-LSTM Implementation
  3. Error Detection and Corrections in Indic OCR Using LSTMs
  4. Qumran Letter Restoration by Rotation and Reflection Modified PixelCNN
  5. Pyramidal Stochastic Graphlet Embedding for Document Pattern Classification
  6. The MUSCIMA++ Dataset for Handwritten Optical Music Recognition
  7. Partitioning Open Plan Areas in Floor Plans
  8. Image Operator Learning Coupled with CNN Classification and Its Application to Staff Line Removal
  9. Sequence Discriminative Training for Offline Handwriting Recognition by an Interpolated CTC and Lattice-Free MMI Objective Function
  10. Are Multidimensional Recurrent Layers Really Necessary for Handwritten Text Recognition?
  11. Cortical-Inspired Open-Bigram Representation for Handwritten Word Recognition
  12. Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition Using Separable Multi-Dimensional Recurrent Neural Network
  13. Automatic Static/Variable Content Separation in Administrative Document Images
  14. An Iterative Refinement Framework for Image Document Binarization with Bhattacharyya Similarity Measure
  15. Document Image Binarization with Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
  16. Real-Time Document Localization in Natural Images by Recursive Application of a CNN
  17. Robust Math Formula Recognition in Degraded Chinese Document Images
  18. Chinese Writer Identification Using Contour-Directional Feature and Character Pair Similarity Measurement
  19. A Complete Scheme of Spatially Categorized Glyph Recognition for the Transliteration of Balinese Palm Leaf Manuscripts
  20. Impact of Ligature Coverage on Training Practical Urdu OCR Systems
  21. Handwriting Recognition with Multigrams
  22. Compact and Efficient WFST-Based Decoders for Handwriting Recognition
  23. Supervised Feature Learning via Within-Class Reconstruction
  24. Combining Convolutional Neural Networks and LSTMs for Segmentation-Free OCR
  25. Sequence-to-Label Script Identification for Multilingual OCR
  26. Selecting Automatically Pre-Processing Methods to Improve OCR Performances
  27. Legibility and Aesthetic Analysis of Handwriting
  28. New Morphological Markovian Approach for Analysis and Recognition of Open Arabic Canonical Vocabulary
  29. Online Handwritten Mongolian Word Recognition Using a Novel Sliding
  30. Window Method with Recurrent Neural Networks
  31. Complexity-Based Biometric Signature Verification
  32. A Long Term Memory Recognition Framework on Multi-Complexity Motion Gestures
  33. Stroke-Order Normalization for Online Bangla Handwriting Recognition
  34. Early Recognition of Handwritten Gestures Based on Multi-Classifier Reject Option
  35. Personalized Hand Writing Recognition Using Continued LSTM Training
  36. Browsing through Closed Books: Fully Automatic Book Page Extraction from a 3-D X-Ray CT Volume
  37. CNN Based Page Object Detection in Document Images
  38. A Robust and Binarization-Free Approach for Text Line Detection in Historical Documents
  39. Enhancing Table of Contents Extraction by System Aggregation
  40. D-StaR: A Generic Method for Stamp Segmentation from Document Images
  41. Multi-Scale Multi-Task FCN for Semantic Page Segmentation and Table Detection
  42. Academic Community Explorer (ACE) for Syntactic, Semantic and Pragmatic Document Analysis
  43. A Rectangle Mining Method for Understanding the Semantics of Financial Tables
  44. Relating Articles Textually and Visually
  45. Selecting Fine-Tuned Features for Layout Analysis of Historical Documents
  46. Bio-Inspired Modeling for the Enhancement of Historical Handwritten Documents
  47. Alignment of Historical Handwritten Manuscripts Using Siamese Neural Network
  48. Local Enlacement Histograms for Historical Drop Caps Style Recognition
  49. anyOCR: An Open-Source OCR System for Historical Archives
  50. Preparatory KWS Experiments for Large-Scale Indexing of a Vast Medieval
  51. Manuscript Collection in the HIMANIS Project
  52. A Machine Learning System for Assisting Neophyte Researchers in Digital Libraries
  53. Weakly Supervised Text Attention Network for Generating Text Proposals in Scene Images
  54. A Unified Video Text Detection Method with Network Flow
  55. Segments Graph-Based Approach for Document Capture in a Smartphone Video Stream
  56. Benchmarking Keypoint Filtering Approaches for Document Image Matching
  57. Temporal Integration for Word-Wise Caption and Scene Text Identification
  58. Whiteboard Video Summarization via Spatio-Temporal Conflict Minimization
  59. Learning Spatially Embedded Discriminative Part Detectors for Scene Character Recognition
  60. Bag of Local Convolutional Triplets for Script Identification in Scene Text
  61. Text Proposals Based on Windowed Maximally Stable Extremal Region for Scene Text Detection
  62. Local Discriminant Training and Global Optimization for Convolutional Neural
  63. Network Based Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
  64. Analysis of Convolutional Neural Networks for Document Image Classification
  65. Component Awareness in Convolutional Neural Networks
  66. Online Signature Verification Using Recurrent Neural Network and Length-Normalized Path Signature Descriptor
  67. CloudScan – A Configuration-Free Invoice Analysis System Using Recurrent Neural Networks
  68. Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Newspaper Article Segmentation
  69. DANIEL: A Deep Architecture for Automatic Analysis and Retrieval of Building Floor Plans
  70. Complex Document Classification and Localization Application on Identity Document Images
  71. Classification of Graphomotor Impressions Using Convolutional Neural
  72. Networks: An Application to Automated Neuro-Psychological Screening Tests
  73. Semi-Supervised Transfer Learning for Convolutional Neural Network Based Chinese Character Recognition
  74. Extremely Sparse Deep Learning Using Inception Modules with Dropfilters
  75. Building a Compact MQDF Classifier by Sparse Coding and Vector Quantization Technique
  76. A Comprehensive Analysis of Misclassified Handwritten Chinese Character
  77. Samples by Incorporating Human Recognition
  78. A Noise-Resilient Super-Resolution Framework to Boost OCR Performance
  79. Improving Information Retrieval in Multiwriter Scenario by Exploiting the Similarity Graph of Document Terms
  80. Query-by-Online Word Spotting Revisited: Using CNNs for Cross-Domain Retrieval
  81. Nonlinear Manifold Embedding on Keyword Spotting Using t-SNE
  82. Evaluating Word String Embeddings and Loss Functions for CNN-Based Word Spotting
  83. LSDE: Levenshtein Space Deep Embedding for Query-by-String Word Spotting
  84. A Compact CNN-DBLSTM Based Character Model for Offline Handwriting Recognition with Tucker Decomposition
  85. A PHOC Decoder for Lexicon-Free Handwritten Word Recognition
  86. An Open Vocabulary OCR System with Hybrid Word-Subword Language Models
  87. Simultaneous Script Identification and Handwriting Recognition via Multi-Task Learning of Recurrent Neural Networks
  88. A Data Driven Approach for Compound Figure Separation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
  89. Page Segmentation for Historical Handwritten Documents Using Fully Convolutional Networks
  90. A General Approach for Handwritten Digits Segmentation Using Spectral Clustering
  91. A Deep Learning-Based Formula Detection Method for PDF Documents
  92. Vacuity Measure for Handwritten Character Analysis
  93. Improving Thai Optical Character Recognition Using Circular-Scan Histogram
  94. Propagation Based Prototype Prediction
  95. Radical-Based Chinese Character Recognition via Multi-Labeled Learning of Deep Residual Networks
  96. Segmentation-Free Printed Traditional Mongolian OCR Using Sequence to Sequence with Attention Model
  97. Layout and Perspective Distortion Independent Recognition of Captured Chinese Document Image
  98. Glyph-Based Data Augmentation for Accurate Kanji Character Recognition
  99. Similar Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Hierarchical CNN Model
  100. Integrating Bilingual Named Entities Lexicon with Conditional Random Fields
  101. Model for Arabic Named Entities Recognition
  102. Automating Transliteration of Cuneiform from Parallel Lines with Sparse Data
  103. A Comprehensive Survey on Handwriting and Computerized Graphology
  104. Core Region Detection for Off-Line Unconstrained Handwritten Latin Words Using Word Envelops
  105. Self-Training of BLSTM with Lexicon Verification for Handwriting Recognition
  106. Data Augmentation for Recognition of Handwritten Words and Lines Using a CNN-LSTM Network
  107. Gated Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Multilingual Handwriting Recognition
  108. Biometric Signature Verification Using Recurrent Neural Networks
  109. A Hybrid Model for End to End Online Handwriting Recognition
  110. PS-LSTM: Capturing Essential Sequential Online Information with Path
  111. Signature and LSTM for Writer Identification
  112. Geometric Object 3D Reconstruction from Single Line Drawing Image with Bottom-Up and Top-Down Classification and Sketch Generation
  113. A System for Creating Automatic Navigation among Architectural and Construction Documents
  114. VASESKETCH: Automatic 3D Representation of Pottery from Paper Catalog Drawings
  115. Recognition of Handwritten Music Symbols with Convolutional Neural Codes
  116. Script Identification Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform
  117. A Convolutional Neural Network Based Two-Stage Document Deblurring
  118. Using Convolutional Encoder-Decoder for Document Image Binarization
  119. Ensembles for Graph-Based Keyword Spotting in Historical Handwritten Documents
  120. Class-Adapted Blind Deblurring of Document Images
  121. Deep Networks for Degraded Document Image Binarization through Pyramid Reconstruction
  122. Robust, Simple Page Segmentation Using Hybrid Convolutional MDLSTM Networks
  123. A Perceptual Image Hashing Algorithm for Hybrid Document Security
  124. Document Layout Analysis Using Multigaussian Fitting
  125. Localizing and Recognizing Labels for Multi-Panel Figures in Biomedical Journals
  126. A Font Setting Based Bayesian Model to Extract Mathematical Expression in PDF Files
  127. Wikipedia-Based Entity Semantifying in Open Information Extraction
  128. Table Detection Using Deep Learning
  129. Table Recognition in Heterogeneous Documents Using Machine Learning
  130. Chronological Profiling for Paleography
  131. Convolutional Neural Networks for Figure Extraction in Historical Technical Documents
  132. The Handwritten Sundanese Palm Leaf Manuscript Dataset from 15th Century
  133. R-PHOC: Segmentation-Free Word Spotting Using CNN
  134. Deep Residual Text Detection Network for Scene Text
  135. A Robust Approach to Detecting Text from Images of Whiteboards and Handwritten Notes
  136. Attention Based RNN Model for Document Image Quality Assessment
  137. Deep Strip-Based Network with Cascade Learning for Scene Text Localization
  138. Scene Text Eraser
  139. New Fuzzy-Mass Based Features for Video Image Type Categorization
  140. Attention-Based Extraction of Structured Information from Street View Imagery
  141. Text Detection in Traffic Informatory Signs Using Synthetic Data
  142. Semantic Text Detection in Born-Digital Images via Fully Convolutional Networks
  143. Robust Document Image Dewarping Method Using Text-Lines and Line Segments
  144. Full-Page Text Recognition: Learning Where to Start and When to Stop
  145. PCA-Initialized Deep Neural Networks Applied to Document Image Analysis
  146. Cutting the Error by Half: Investigation of Very Deep CNN and Advanced
  147. Training Strategies for Document Image Classification
  148. Design of a Very Compact CNN Classifier for Online Handwritten Chinese
  149. Character Recognition Using DropWeight and Global Pooling
  150. Training an End-to-End System for Handwritten Mathematical Expression
  151. Recognition by Generated Patterns
  152. A GRU-Based Encoder-Decoder Approach with Attention for Online
  153. Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
  154. AirScript – Creating Documents in Air
  155. Tree-Based BLSTM for Mathematical Expression Recognition
  156. Improved Localization Accuracy by LocNet for Faster R-CNN Based Text Detection
  157. Scene Text Detection with Novel Superpixel Based Character Candidate Extraction
  158. Total-Text: A Comprehensive Dataset for Scene Text Detection and Recognition
  159. Visual Attention Models for Scene Text Recognition
  160. Text Detection Based on MSER and CNN Features
  161. Geographic and Style Models for Historical Map Alignment and ToponymRecognition
  162. Convolutional Neural Networks for Page Segmentation of Historical DocumentImages
  163. Assisted Transcription of Historical Documents by Keyword Spotting: APerformance Model
  164. 1990 US Census Form Recognition Using CTC Network, WFST LanguageModel, and Surname Correction
  165. Convolutional Neural Networks for Font Classification
  166. Unsupervised Feature Learning for Writer Identification and Writer Retrieval
  167. Handwriting Style Mixture Adaptation
  168. How Does a CNN Manage Different Printing Types?
  169. Normalised Local Naïve Bayes Nearest-Neighbour Classifier for Offline WriterIdentification
  170. The Character Generation in Handwriting Feature Extraction Using VariationalAutoEncoder
  171. A Comparative Study on Optical Modeling Units for Off-Line Arabic TextRecognition
  172. Residual Recurrent Neural Network with Sparse Training for Offline ArabicHandwriting Recognition
  173. Handwriting Recognition by Attribute Embedding and Recurrent Neural Networks
  174. Subspace-Based Convolutional Network for Handwritten Character Recognition
  175. Scan, Attend and Read: End-to-End Handwritten Paragraph Recognition with MDLSTM Attention
  176. Training an End-to-End System for Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition by Generated Patterns
  177. GMU: A Novel RNN Neuron and Its Application to Handwriting Recognition
  178. A Compact CNN-DBLSTM Based Character Model for Online Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition
  179. A Faster R-CNN Based Method for Comic Characters Face Detection
  180. Handwritten Music Recognition for Mensural Notation: Formulation, Data and Baseline Results
  181. PhyloParser: A Hybrid Algorithm for Extracting Phylogenies from Dendrograms
  182. Auto-Encoder Guided GAN for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis
  183. Beyond OCRs for Document Blur Estimation
  184. Improved Thresholding Method for Enhancing Jawi Binarization Performance
  185. Fourier-Residual for Printer Identification
  186. Rank-Reducing Two-Dimensional Grammars for Document Layout Analysis
  187. A Document Straight Line Based Segmentation for Complex Layout Extraction
  188. Deep Learning System for Automatic License Plate Detection and Recognition
  189. Massive, Free and Reproducible Grountruthed Document Image Databases
  190. Generation with DocCreator
  191. A Symbol Dominance Based Formulae Recognition Approach for PDF Documents
  192. Identifying Machine-Printed and Handwritten Texts Using DropRegion and Deep Convolutional Network
  193. Classification and Information Extraction for Complex and Nested Tabular Structures in Images
  194. DeepDeSRT: Deep Learning for Detection and Structure Recognition of Tables in Document Images
  195. Page Retrieval System in Digitized Historical Books Based on Error-Tolerant Subgraph Matching
  196. Word Hypotheses for Segmentation-Free Word Spotting in Historic Document Images
  197. Technologies and Improvements of Image Search Service for Handwritten
  198. Character Patterns on Japanese Historical Documents
  199. DocEmul: A Toolkit to Generate Structured Historical Documents
  200. Lexicographical-Based Order for Post-OCR Correction of Named Entities
  201. Offline Signature Verification with VLAD Using Fused KAZE Features from Foreground and Background Signature Images
  202. Recovering Western On-Line Signatures from Image-Based Specimens
  203. A Vector Quantization Based Feature Descriptor for Online Signature
  204. Verification
  205. A Structural Approach to Offline Signature Verification Using Graph Edit Distance
  206. Local Binary Patterns for Document Forgery Detection
  207. Towards Automated Ink Mismatch Detection in Hyperspectral Document Images
  208. Evaluation of Texture Descriptors for Validation of Counterfeit Documents
  209. On the Usage of I-Vector Representation for Online Handwritten Signature Verification
  210. A Robust Symmetry-Based Method for Scene/Video Text Detection through Neural Network
  211. End-to-End Scene Text Recognition in Videos Based on Multi Frame Tracking
  212. Real-Time Text Localization in Natural Scene Images Using a Linear Spatial Filter
  213. Capturing Handwritten Ink Strokes with a Fast Video Camera
  214. Cascaded Segmentation-Detection Networks for Word-Level Text Spotting
  215. Color Stability and Homogeneity Regions to Detect Text in Real Scene Images: CSHR
  216. Scene Text Relocation with Guidance
  217. Max-Pooling Based Scene Text Proposal for Scene Text Detection
  218. Grayscale-Projection Based Optimal Character Segmentation for Camera-Captured Faint Text Recognition
  219. Learning a Fast Bipartite Ranker for Text Documents Using Lexicographical Rankers and ROC Curves
  220. A Multi-Label Neural Network Approach to Solving Connected CAPTCHAs
  221. Real-Time Document Image Classification Using Deep CNN and Extreme Learning Machines
  222. A Man-Machine Cooperating System Based on the Generalized Reject Model
  223. Wearable Handwriting Recognition with an Inertial Sensor on a Finger Nail
  224. Automatic Assignment of Topical Icons to Documents for Faster File Navigation
  225. Identification of Reader Specific Difficult Words by Analyzing Eye Gaze and Document Content
  226. Competitions
  227. cBAD: ICDAR2017 Competition on Baseline Detection
  228. ICDAR2017 Competition on Layout Analysis for Challenging Medieval Manuscripts
  229. ICDAR2017 Competition on the Classification of Medieval Handwritings in Latin Script
  230. ICDAR2017 Competition on Historical Document Writer Identification (Historical-WI)
  231. ICDAR2017 Competition on Handwritten Text Recognition on the READ Dataset
  232. ICDAR2017 Competition on Information Extraction in Historical Handwritten
  233. ICDAR2017 Competition on Document Image Binarization (DIBCO 2017)
  234. ICDAR2017 Competition on Recognition of Documents with Complex Layouts – RDCL2017
  235. ICDAR2017 Competition on Recognition of Early Indian Printed Documents – REID2017
  236. ICDAR2017 Competition on Page Object Detection
  237. ICDAR2017 Competition on Post-OCR Text Correction
  238. ICDAR2017 Competition on Reading Chinese Text in the Wild (RCTW-17)
  239. ICDAR2017 Robust Reading Challenge on COCO-Text
  240. ICDAR2017 Robust Reading Challenge on Text Extraction from Biomedical Literature Figures (DeTEXT)
  241. ICDAR2017 Robust Reading Challenge on Omnidirectional Video
  242. ICDAR2017 Robust Reading Challenge on Multi-Lingual Scene Text Detection and Script Identification – RRC-MLT
  243. ICDAR2017 Competition on Arabic Text Detection and Recognition in Multi-Resolution Video Frames
  244. ICDAR2017 Competition on Multi-Font and Multi-Size Digitally Represented Arabic Text
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