Journal of Imaging Volume 4 Issue 5, May 2018

  1. Investigation of a Monturaqui Impactite by Means of Bi-Modal X-ray and Neutron Tomography
  2. Background Subtraction for Moving Object Detection in RGBD Data: A Survey
  3. The Potential of Cognitive Neuroimaging: A Way Forward to the Mind-Machine Interface
  4. Applications of Laboratory-Based Phase-Contrast Imaging Using Speckle Tracking Technique towards High Energy X-Rays
  5. Non-Local Sparse Image Inpainting for Document Bleed-Through Removal
  6. Radio Frequency Modeling of Receive Coil Arrays for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  7. Intra-MRI Extraction of Diagnostic Electrocardiograms Using Carotidal Magnetohydrodynamic Voltages
  8. Transfer Learning from Synthetic Data Applied to Soil–Root Segmentation in X-Ray Tomography Images
  9. Edge-Based and Prediction-Based Transformations for Lossless Image Compression
  10. Detection of Red-Meat Adulteration by Deep Spectral–Spatial Features in Hyperspectral Images
  11. Improved Reconstruction Technique for Moiré Imaging Using an X-Ray Phase-Contrast Talbot–Lau Interferometer
  12. Tricolor Technique for Visualization of Spatial Variations of Polydisperse Dust in Gas-Dust Flows
  13. State of the Art of X-ray Speckle-Based Phase-Contrast and Dark-Field Imaging
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