Journal of Imaging Volume 4 Issue 6, June 2018

  1. Full Reference Objective Quality Assessment for Reconstructed Background Images
  2. Automated Analysis of Spatially Resolved X-ray Scattering and Micro Computed Tomography of Artificial and Natural Enamel Carious Lesions
  3. Slant Removal Technique for Historical Document Images
  4. Deep Learning with a Spatiotemporal Descriptor of Appearance and Motion Estimation for Video Anomaly Detection
  5. Analytics of Deep Neural Network-Based Background Subtraction
  6. Optimization Based Evaluation of Grating Interferometric Phase Stepping Series and Analysis of Mechanical Setup Instabilities
  7. Single-Shot X-ray Phase Retrieval through Hierarchical Data Analysis and a Multi-Aperture Analyser
  8. Stochastic Capsule Endoscopy Image Enhancement
  9. A Review of Supervised Edge Detection Evaluation Methods and an Objective Comparison of Filtering Gradient Computations Using Hysteresis Thresholds
  10. Efficient Implementation of Gaussian and Laplacian Kernels for Feature Extraction from IP Fisheye Cameras
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