Journal of Imaging Volume 4 Issue 7, July 2018

  1. An Ensemble SSL Algorithm for Efficient Chest X-Ray Image Classification
  2. ECG Electrode Placements for Magnetohydrodynamic Voltage Suppression
  3. Detection of Moving Objects
  4. Background Subtraction Based on a New Fuzzy Mixture of Gaussians for Moving Object Detection
  5. Faster R-CNN-Based Glomerular Detection in Multistained Human Whole Slide Images
  6. Compressive Online Video Background–Foreground Separation Using Multiple Prior Information and Optical Flow
  7. Digital Comics Image Indexing Based on Deep Learning
  8. Imaging with a Commercial Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Camera in a Scanning Electron Microscope: A Review
  9. A Survey of Comics Research in Computer Science
  10. LaBGen-P-Semantic: A First Step for Leveraging Semantic Segmentation in Background Generation
  11. Fisher Vector Coding for Covariance Matrix Descriptors Based on the Log-Euclidean and Affine Invariant Riemannian Metrics
  12. Document Image Processing
  13. Evaluation of 3D/2D Imaging and Image Processing Techniques for the Monitoring of Seed Imbibition
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