Seeing: The Computational Approach to Biological Vision (2nd ed.)

Chapter 1 Seeing: What Is It?

Chapter 2 Seeing Shape from Texture

Chapter 3 Seeing with Receptive Fields

Chapter 4 Seeing Aftereffects: The Psychologist’s Microelectrode

Chapter 5 Seeing Edges

Chapter 6 Seeing and the Retina

Chapter 7 Seeing Figure from Ground

Chapter 8 Seeing Objects

Chapter 9 Seeing with Brain Cells

Chapter 10 Seeing with Brain Maps

Chapter 11 Seeing and Complexity Theory

Chapter 12 Seeing and Psychophysics

Chapter 13 Seeing as Inference

Chapter 14 Seeing Motion, Part I

Chapter 15 Seeing Motion, Part II

Chapter 16 Seeing Black, Gray, and White

Chapter 17 Seeing Color

Chapter 18 Seeing with Two Eyes, Part I

Chapter 19 Seeing with Two Eyes, Part II

Chapter 20 Seeing by Combining Cues

Chapter 21 Seeing in the Blocks World

Chapter 22 Seeing and Consciousness

Chapter 23 Seeing Summarized

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