Document Image Processing

  1. Document Image Processing (Editorial)
  2. Non-Local Sparse Image Inpainting for Document Bleed-Through Removal
  3. A New Binarization Algorithm for Historical Documents
  4. Slant Removal Technique for Historical Document Images
  5. Text/Non-Text Separation from Handwritten Document Images Using LBP Based Features: An Empirical Study
  6. A Holistic Technique for an Arabic OCR System
  7. Efficient Query Specific DTW Distance for Document Retrieval with Unlimited Vocabulary
  8. Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition Using Layer-Wise Training of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Adaptive Gradient Methods
  9. Benchmarking of Document Image Analysis Tasks for Palm Leaf Manuscripts from Southeast Asia
  10. Transcription of Spanish Historical Handwritten Documents with Deep Neural Networks
  11. A Study of Different Classifier Combination Approaches for Handwritten Indic Script Recognition
  12. DocCreator: A New Software for Creating Synthetic Ground-Truthed Document Images
  13. Open Datasets and Tools for Arabic Text Detection and Recognition in News Video Frames
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